Shopping With A Toddler
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#SurvivalGuide – Shopping With A Toddler In Tow

Shopping with a toddler is one of the most stressful experiences any parent can endure. When you enter a shopping centre with a toddler you are essentially playing a game of chess, on a downhill, in the rain from a moving vehicle. You need to be alert, you need to be fast and you need to stay focused at all times.  But above all you need to be patient, caring and understanding. You’ll be answering questions, chasing little ones and preventing unwanted items from ending up in your trolley, all at the same time.

Shopping alone is much less stressful. But, in all reality, it’s not possible all the time. Karaglen Shopping Centre is here to help. We’ve compiled a list of things every parent can do to make shopping with a toddler, just that little easier. Here are a few things you can do when shopping with a toddler:

The List

You’ll be spreading your attention all over the place when you go shopping with a toddler. It is for this reason that you’ll need to make a shopping list. The list is not only good for not forgetting vital items. Shopping with a list also means that you’ll breeze through the supermarket in no time. Listing items according to the store layout is another great idea.

Busy Times

While not always possible, try to avoid rush hours. If they can be avoided, shopping trips should be planned between 9am and 11am or between 3pm and 4pm. But, this is not always possible or ideal. If the busier shopping times cannot be avoided, you‘ll need to make the most of the situation.

Sit or Walk

You’ll need to decide whether you want your little one to walk beside you or sit in the trolley. Keep in mind that a busy and noisy shopping centre will always be exciting for your little one. Why not try to involve your little one in the decision. Depending on the arrangement, lay down rules before getting out the car.

Time For Teaching

Toddlers are curious and you can use this to your advantage. When you see something ask your toddler if he or she knows what it is. If they do not, now’s a great time for them to learning something new. Pick up fruits and ask if they know how it is used. And, whenever possible let the little ones smell and feel the items. Doing this will make the shopping trip and educational one.

Tummies Full

Hungry children are unhappy children. Always make sure that your little one’s bellies are full before heading to the store. Another great tip is to carry a snack with you. A small bag of chips or cookies makes for a great shopping time snack.


Toddlers instinctively what to help. Let the little ones pack the apples or pick the bananas. Let them fetch tinned foods or toilet paper. Shopping with a toddler could mean that you have a shopping partner so make the best of the situation.

But, above all, you need to have fun with your toddler. Play games with them and get them involved. Children like to feel like they’re part of something.